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Auto Entry Systems

Automatic Sliding Door Operators An Auto Sliding doors system is the automation system for passage selection on internal sliding doors. With it all the command and saftety functions are always a standard. Doors are equipped with intelligent microprocessor controllers leads to greater security. They do no require large operating space. Inquiry


Automatic Sliding / Swing Gates An Auto Sliding gate operator is the automation system for passage selection on external sliding gates, designed for installation even on existing manual gates. Auto sliding gate operators are equipped with Intelligent Microprocessor Controllers deliver extremely effective energy saving high speed features in spite of continuous operations. Inquiry


Automatic Traffic Barriers Automatic Traffic & highway barriers provide practical and cost effective traffic management solutions. Complete range from simple manual to highly automated available to your specifications. Auto barriers are reliable require little maintenance and can interface with any access control system. Inquiry


Automatic PVC High Speed Doors The high-speed door represents the most economical solution for busy building exits, Contemporary in design, the door incorporates two door systems in one building. It is intruder-proof and a weather resistant high speed-door. The unit can be supplied in so many variants that ideally suits your installation requirements. Inquiry


Automatic Flap Barriers The Flap Barrier is designed to control Padestrian entering or exiting restricted areas. The construction consists of sheet metal housings that can be extended with intermediate parts to a user defined line configuration corresponding to the needs. Flap Barriers are extremely suitable for controlled padestrian movement in big corporation/ parks/ metro stations etc. Inquiry


Spike Barriers Spike Barrier provide effective road blockage against forceful entry of a vehicle at critical security points such as militry base, oil refineries, power plants, airports, embassies etc. Spikes are popped up within a few seconds at the push button. if attempted to drive through at any speed, the locked spikes will puncture the tyres. Inquiry


Bollards Bollard is an Armoured Anti-breaking and Highly Reliable, equipped with an OLEODYNAMC retractable totally vanish system. Bollard has the function of limiting the access of the vehicle and is suited for the protection of shops, malls, banks, airports, military establishment, embassies etc. Inquiry