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A team of professional and dedicated lighting engineers, thoroughly trained to provide complete solution for designing of lighting & lighting control for any specific application. We offer lighting solutions for Offices, Boardrooms, Convention Centres, Hotels, Restaurants, Banquets, Atriums, Multiplexes, Showrooms, Boutiques, Facades, Landscape, Homes.

The innovative designs keeps the button perfectly aligned even after use, guaranteeing a perfect planer surface for maximum formal elegance. the Liny grain, which can be lit with with a single blue LED, is a refined design detail offering a tactile and a visual point of reference. The finishes of the keys, in the metallized aluminimum anthracite, co-ordinated with the avrious materials of the plates give them an elegant technological image.

A double coating creates a special lens effect on the keys accentuate their brightness and eliminate fingerprint marks.

Here are the wide range of the products of our Home Automation categories:-


Mood Lighting/Lighting Management System Mood lighting is the latest trend in home decoration. Lights bring life to every corner of the room. They may add a sensuous feel to the simple room or make it look like a perfect place for social meets. The options are limitless with mood lights.


Audio/Video Control The built-in color handsfree video intercom, for positioning anywhere in the house and not just by the entrance, represents a radical evolution:no longer a telephone attached to the wall, but a liquid crystal flatscreen for high-definition images, available in a range of design variants.


Designer Electrical Switches & Plates Axolute offers the possibility of choosing functions and technological content based on personal requirements, from the traditional switch to the most highly evolved color displays. The scenario touch and the touchscreen, for example, make it possible to create scenarios, or combinations of functions, to adapt to a given lifestyle.


Motorised Curtain Track Venetian, Roller and Roman Blinds today can be motorized and remote controlled to let in the amount of sunlight you prefer. The smart control option adds comfort and safety giving you on up-to-date lifestyle. Motorized curtain tracks bring a completely new dimension to your interiors. The system gives you the freedom to control the curtain either by remote control, wired switches or automation system. Inquiry


Home Theatre Solutions Having an incredible movie-watching experience in the comfort of your home doesn't have to cost as much as you might think. "Home Theater Solutions" will show you how to build a fully-equipped home entertainment system on a budget. Our Home theatre Solutions indulge you in luxury with a single touch of a button. Inquiry